Our Strategy:
First In. Last Mile.

Operation White Stork utilizes the skills of military veterans and entrepreneurs to provide last mile logistics solutions during disasters. Our mission: Give every Ukrainian the means to survive.

White Stork only delivers to end users – not aid depots – ensuring your donations reach those who need it most. We respond to the demand signal of our Ukrainian partners to support the civilian population, and also provide non-lethal military aid to the frontlines.​

We are propelled by our strategic formal relationships with Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways), Ukrposhta (Ukrainian Post Office), and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA).

Operation White Stork Logo

What's with the name?

We pull inspiration from the white stork - the national bird of Ukraine - a symbol of patriotism and loyalty. Thousands of white storks appear in the spring, migrating back from their wintering grounds in Africa. Because they have such a large range and often nest near people’s homes, storks are a familiar bird to the Ukrainian people. Citizens believe it is good luck to have white storks nesting on or near their home. According to ancient European folklore, the stork is responsible for delivering babies to new parents. In February 2022, following Russia's unprovoked war, White Stork began operating in Ukraine, safely evacuating tens of thousands of women, children & elderly to Poland, and delivering critical aid to Ukrainian forces on the frontlines.

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