White Stork Aid Programs

We are first in, and we deliver to the last mile.

Operation White Stork has been engaged with the Ukrainian authorities and other NGOs from day 1, adapting our programs to meet the needs on the ground. Our strategy remains the same - leveraging our network in Ukraine to deliver aid directly.

Individual First Aid Kit Program (IFAKs)

Operation White Stork provides both Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) and field medic backpacks. These are trauma kits that contain various tools to stop bleeding and restore the airway. They contain tourniquets, chest seals, combat gauze, and nasopharyngeal airway devices among others. The Ukrainian military requested 400,000 IFAKs at the beginning of the war. OWS has delivered over 5% of this request.

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Medic Backpacks: Railways Supply Program

In March 2022 Alexander Kamyshin, CEO of Ukrzaliznytsia, made a request: “My trains are getting hit. People are injured. Will White Stork provide us medical kits?” Within a month White Stork had supplied 1,200 first aid kits, enough for every railcar in Ukraine. White Stork’s first aid kits have been used to treat injuries at Chaplyne and other attacks on railway operations.

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Generator Program

White Stork has supplied over 100 generators to Ukraine. Russia began striking Ukraine’s power grid starting in September 2022. The result has been widespread blackouts during a brutally cold winter. White Stork has delivered over one hundred generators across affected communities in order to keep Ukrainians powered.

Rapid Response:
Evacuation Program

White Stork has safely evacuated 37,829 civilians. When White Stork crossed from Poland into Ukraine on February 28, 2022, we found several miles of women and children waiting to safely evacuate into Poland. We started our evacuation program by financing a network of drivers who were entering besieged cities to evacuate civilians. At the height of the program we were operating 11 buses per day and evacuating between 400-600 day. Today, White Stork conducts evacuations on an as requested basis.

Rapid Response:
Hospital Supply Program

In partnership with medical supply and logistics companies in the United States and Europe, White Stork has provided hospitals across Ukraine with over $4 million in emergency medical supplies. White Stork consolidates all supplies at its 20,000 square foot warehouse in the Chicagoland area. From there White Stork uses both sea and air freight forwarders to deliver to Western Ukraine where our teams coordinate last mile delivery.

Rapid Response:
Post Office Supply Program

Igor Smelyanskyy, CEO of Ukrposhta, requested that White Stork kit out the brave postal workers traveling to besieged cities to maintain the integrity of the mail system. White Stork has provided hundreds of IFAKs to protect Ukrposhta’s employees. We have also provided generators to power remote offices that process pensioner payments.

Rapid Response:
Medical Training Program

In partnership with the Emergency Project, White Stork created two IFAK training videos to educate our partners how to use the various components found inside IFAKs and Mass Casualty Kits. White Stork also provides in-person instruction to our partners as our operations allow. Every member of the White Stork team is trained to a baseline standard on the use of these kits.