US Veterans Delivering Humanitarian Aid Directly To Ukraine

Operation White Stork is a 501(c)(3) charity established to deliver aid directly to the front lines – ensuring your donations reach those in need. No middle men, no aid depots, no B.S. ♥
Your Support Has An Immediate Impact

Your donation results in direct help where it's needed most in Ukraine.

We are a US veteran-led non-profit organization delivering life-saving medical aid kits & equipment directly to the front-line areas in Ukraine. Critical Humanitarian Aid.

Our team is on the ground in the Ukraine, so your donation has an immediate impact. There are no middle men, no international aid depots. Your gift goes straight to those in need.

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What Do We Do?


Medical kits

Our primary mission is to deliver Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK’s) directly to soldiers and civilians on the front lines in Ukraine.  Tourniquets, bandages, chest seals. Critical, life-saving aid.


Rapid Response

Our secondary mission is to be in a position to respond rapidly to the dynamic needs of Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and safety. Evacuations, individual generators, shovels to dig trenches.  Our resources and volunteers are on location, delivering directly.


No Weapons

We are providing non-lethal assistance and humanitarian aid. We DO NOT provide weapons or ammunition.

Our Impact In Ukraine

Since the start of the war in February 2022, our team has been on the ground delivering measurable impact to those in need. Your donation today will support our mission.

IFAKs Delivered
Generators Delivered
Shovels Delivered
Body Armor Delivered
People Evacuated
Pets Evacuated
People Housed
People Repatriated

Operation White Stork Aid Programs

Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs)

These are trauma kits that contain various tools to stop bleeding and restore breathing. They contain tourniquets, chest seals, combat gauze, and nasopharyngeal airway devices among others.

$100 delivers a First Aid Kit to the front line

Donate $100

Mass Casualty Kits

The MCI field medic backpack offers similar trauma treatment found in an IFAK but for multiple patients, with the addition of quick litters to evacuate patients. It is typically carried by military medical personnel, such as combat medics.

$1,000 delivers a Medic Backpack to responders

Donate $1,000

Generators Initiative

Russia has specifically been targeting power infrastructure to maximize the suffering of innocent civilians. We have delivered generators throughout the winter to civilians, hospitals and those in need.

$2,000 delivers a generator to Ukraine

Donate $2,000

Rapid Response

The war is dynamic. Unique needs emerge daily as the situation changes. We are best positioned with our staff in Ukraine to respond quickly, spinning up evacuation programs, and other support.

$500 allows us to evacuate a family from the fighting

Donate $500